Veronica’s Story

A concerned wife solicited the services of the trained professionals at Bond Investigations. She told us that she was beginning to suspect her husband was cheating on her. She expressed her concern to him, and asked him if this was true.

The husband vehemently denied he was having an affair, but his peculiar behavior continued. The wife was still suspicious and as a result, began to intercept her husband’s emails and text messages. She found he was corresponding with a woman.

One evening, the husband told his wife that he had business to conduct in another state, and would be traveling for a week. The state where he was traveling was where the wife believed the girlfriend resided.

The wife wanted and needed visual proof that her husband was, in fact, having an affair. During the free consultation with the Case Analyst at Bond Investigations, the client (with the expert help of the case analyst) determined the best action plan for the situation. Surveillance would be the best way to validate her fears. She could not rely on her husband to be honest about the affair because he had already fervently denied it.

The wife, with the guidance of case management, provided our firm with her husband’s flight information, including airline, airport, and date and time of travel. The goal was to have investigators from Bond Investigations positioned at the airport where the husband was to land, and to document if he was meeting his lover.

In order for the private investigator to reliably identify the subjects, he had received digital photographs of the two of them. After the husband’s flight arrived, one private investigator from Bond Investigations positioned himself near the arrival gate and one in a vehicle outside in the arrivals lane. Both positions allowed a perfect view of the deplaning passengers from that flight and ensured that if the husband met his lover at the curb, we could quickly start mobile surveillance. The man was greeted by his lover, and they embraced and kissed after he exited the arrival gate. They continued to walk to the baggage claim area hand in hand. The investigators assigned to this case we’re able to provide video documentation of the public displays of affection, not only at the airport but many times during the weekend.


Although the worst fears of the wife had been validated by confirming that her husband had indeed been unfaithful to her, she was very grateful for the precise action that was taken by Bond Investigations. With her desire to know the truth, and the commitment of the investigator, she was able to make a decision that was best for her and their children.

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